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The main objective is to help the pilgrims to get to know the true value of Medjugorje.



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28 Nov, 2013
  - No Holy Mass should be celebrated in the pensions, hotels, on the mountains or in any other places, which are not authorized by the local bishop. Only the Parish Office is authorized to receive Mass Intentions. Eucharistic Adoration is not allowed outside of the parish church.- All liturgical actions, blessings and all the sacraments are ...

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  • 88266, Medjugorje bb, BiH
  • +387 (0)36 653 316 (Info)

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About us

The Association of the guides for pilgrims in the parish of Medjugorje is made of people who have been specially educated and trained to become the guides for pilgrims in order to help pilgrims from around the world in gaining a better understanding of the events in this extraordinary place.